Oshkosh Wisconsin


Drop Your Slide / Photo Scanning Project Off On Your
Trip To The Oshkosh Outlet Mall

If you are heading to the Oshkosh Outlet Mall, why not plan on dropping off your slide or photo scanning project at our Waupun location? We are just minutes off from the outlet mall. Even if you are not coming from the South and passing through Madison, we are just 28 miles from the Oshkosh Outlet Mall. Less than a one hou rround trip means you do not have to worry about shipping your keepsake slides, films and photos to us. Once we have them scanned, they are preserved forever and we can ship them back to you without your having to worry about them anymore.

Lots of people want to get their slides and photos scanned and turned into DVD Slide Shows at a reasonable price but they are afraid to trust them to a shipping company. And so, they never have the conversion project done. In the mean time, their slides, because of the nature of slides being colored dyes on film, are fading away. Eventually, there will be nothing left of your beautiful, irreplaceable, family photos.

We are just off the Hwy 151 freeway as it heads towards Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Click HERE for the Affordable 35mm Slide and Photo Scanning website.

First of all: CALL to set up a dropoff time: 888-835-4788

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If you are coming from the South, from Iowa or Illinois, you can drop your slide and photo scanning project off at our Madison, Wisconsin area location on your way to the EAA AirVenture.
Just on the outskirts of Madison Wisconsin. Just off Hwy 151 in Sun Prairie, WI.

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