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35mm Slides Converted To Photo Prints

Problem: Your photo memories are locked up in a 2" by 2" piece of cardboard. You want a picture that you can hold in your hand. Solution: We can digitize your slide collection and make Kodak quality prints for you so that you can have actual pictures that you can hold in your hand or put into your photo album or scrapbook. Ever tried putting a 35mm slide into a scrapbook? Doesn't work very well. We can get you the prints of these slides which a lot of people can view without setting up a projector and you can also put them in photo album or in scrapbooks.

We convert the following film formats to high quality Photo Prints
35mm slides 3d Stereo Slides
110 Slides 120 Slides
126 Slides 127 Slides
828 Slides View-Master
Carnival Viewers Disc Negatives
Glass Slides Half Frame Slides



Photo Prints from your Slides

Please check the order form for Current Prices for scanning and printing slides. Minimum order rules apply. See the order form for up to date pricing.
Each 2x2" Slide to a 4 x 6" Photo print:    $1.25
4x6" Prints From 3D Stereo Slides    $1.86

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Many people have only seen their 35mm slides on special occasions and then not without a lot of trouble and time involved. Slides were a great medium for preserving your photo memories but they certainly were not very easy to view. Stacks of carousels were stored in a closet or in the attic. The projector and screen had to be dragged out of the closet or the attic and then the slides had to be loaded into carousels or cartridges if they were not stored that way. Kodak doesn't even manufacture slide projectors anymore. Today, the slide projector is virtually an antique.

Photo Prints After Scanning Your Slides

Please realize that the prints that are made from your slides are going to depend on the sharpness and quality of the slide to start with. What you see on screen, with your projector, is not exactly what you will get on your print. Shadow areas tend to fill in when going from medium to medium. No transfer is perfect but our PhotoShop® technicians do a very good job of helping the scanned image to try to get the very best print possible. Your prints from slides will never look the same as the original slides. They can't because the slides are viewed translucently with light showing "through the color films." This is a much more brilliant way to see the photos. Prints are viewed with reflected light. Your eyes see the colors by light being reflected off the printed photo. Some details and color get lost, slightly, in the process. It is a trade off.

But the main thing is that most people's slides are not the brilliantly colorful slides that they saw many years ago. Think about it: Most people do not have their "original slides" any longer and even if they do still have some pretty good quality slides, they won't have them for long. Today the slide dyes are fading away and the images, once scanned, are going to need the attention of a skilled Photoshop Artist to try to bring some of that color back to life again. Our process includes color restoration by a Photoshop expert at no extra charge. We digitze your slides for you and make a DVD slide show at no extra cost, if you want it. Your images are preserved on the DVD disk. We can make Kodak Photo prints of your slides once we have digitized them. We can also make prints from your 3D Stereo Slides, negatives, medium format films or other photo scans.

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